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Examples of services provided by the ATBC and AustCham Thailand, which are of great benefit to members include but are not limited to:
  • Access to people who have insights, networks, and a deep understanding of how to manage issues relating to regulatory, licence to operate, or cross-border access;
  • Input/access to Thai and Australian Government decision makers regarding issues of interest and importance to our members, and the provision of valuable insights and support to government negotiators;
  • Focused Boardroom and Ambassadorial briefings with Chatham House Rules for CEO/Board level heads of business; and
  • Events which explore multilateral, regional, and comparative analyses of regional business, and provide the opportunity to hear from others who have navigated similar challenges and succeeded in the business world.
  • Webinars and online meetings to learn about upcoming issues and keep up with the fluctuating world of cross-border trade.

Lindsay Fox (Linfox) speaking at an  ATBC event in Melbourne.


When the time came to investigate the Thai market for our products, we reached out to ATBC which has been a very positive experience. We have been offered introductions and resources that have put us well ahead of where we thought we could be. We have rapidly had multiple interactions with three different Thai government organisations assisting us with business information, in-country contacts and visas. 

The directors of ATBC have also been available to answer queries and have provided a wealth of practical know-how, guidance and contacts. We are excited about the next stage of our engagement with Thailand and future interactions with ATBC. 

David Bonython
QiTek Group

It was a pleasure to meet with ATBC President Doug Blunt in Sydney after 2 years of Covid interruptions, what impressed me most was Doug’s vast experience in the business world and the strong relationships he has built up over the years.

He was eager to support Local for You and immediately introduced us to key connections at BOI and with Dale Foody from ATBC which had an immediate benefit to our business. Doug and the team at ATBC are a pleasure to work with and we look forward to continuing to build a strong relationship moving forwards.

Steve Waterson & Steve Fazakerley
Co-Founders Local for You

On behalf of Pomeroy Pacific, as their Project & Business Development Manager, I am delighted to express that had it not been for Mr Douglas Blunt, President of the Australia Thailand Business Council, we would not have been able to establish link with the Minor Group, its CEO – Mr Dillip Rajakarier or its Senior Vice President for Finance – Mr Wayne Williams.

The introduction provided by ATBC was robust and added credibility to Pomeroy Pacific’s name as an entity catering to international business opportunities as well.

Doug’s humble and modest approach is a key to the organisation’s success in fulfilling its mission of connecting businesses between Thailand and Australia.

We are certain to consult Doug on any further matters pertinent to the bilateral relation between the two nations and viz-a-viz our existing and new clientele from Thailand.”

Aakash Tolani
Project DevelopmentManager
Pomeroy Pacific, April 2018