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In 1980, multiple Australian companies with a trading interest in Thailand formed the Thai-Australia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TACCI) as a private sector initiative to develop connections and to promote Australian business in Thailand.

At a time when Australian business generally was showing little interest in Thailand, the TACCI had a considerable impact in Thailand developing networks with major Thai businesses and senior government officials.

In 1987, the TACCI evolved into the Australia Thailand Business Council (ATBC) as part of a move sponsored by the Australian Government to form bilateral councils between Australia and ASEAN countries under the umbrella of the ASEAN-Australia Business Council.

A significant difference between the TACCI and ATBC has been the bilateral composition of the ATBC’s advisors and personal contacts, compared with the unilateral structure of the TACCI. The formation of the ATBC represented the creation of the first formal link between the private sectors of Australia and Thailand.

In February 2005, the ATBC signed a Memorandum of Understanding in partnership with the Australian Thai Chamber of Commerce (AustCham Thailand). The ATBC also enjoys links through Thailand’s International Trade Committee with the Thai Chamber of Commerce, the Federation of Thai Industries, and the Thai Bankers’ Association.

Since then, the ATBC has continued to advocate to the Australian and Royal Thai Governments on behalf of the private sector to promote bilateral and investment trade wherever possible, with many success stories.

With new board members in 2022, the ATBC’s strengthened Board is now represented in Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, and Bangkok to provide effective representation and collaboration with its business and government stakeholders.