Thailand Investment Review – September 2020

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Facilitated by easier access to high-speed internet, the rise of Thailand’s vibrant digital industry over recent years has been underpinned by the rich creativity and strong entrepreneurial spirit of Thailand’s tech-savvy digital generation. At the forefront of this brave new digital world, Thailand has seen its economy consistently prove its readiness to embrace the new  opportunities presented by the global digital revolution.

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Courtesy of the Thailand Board of Investment.

ATBC welcomes strategic partnership with Thailand

In a press release from the Australian Embassy Thailand, PM Scott Morrison said:

“Australia has a longstanding friendship with Thailand, stretching back to the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1952.

Today, with my Thai counterpart, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, I have elevated our relationship to that of a Strategic Partnership.

In view of the evolving strategic shifts in the region, through this Strategic Partnership we will enhance cooperation in key areas, including defence and security, cyber affairs, anti-money laundering and combating transnational crime.

This historic announcement delivers on a joint commitment that Prime Minister Prayut and I made at the East Asia Summit last year in Bangkok.”

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Australia’s International Commercial Engagement 2019

“With the disruption and rethinking prompted by the Covid-19 Virus, Australia’s commercial linkage with the global community will be significantly changed, and how that change will evolve, and what the end result will be, is not yet clear…”

This article by Glen Robinson explores cross-border investmentand its increasing significance on the global stage.

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About the author – Glen Robinson

Glen Robinson has spent the last 30+ years focussing on the establishment and development of cross border commercial alliances, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, particularly in the manufacturing, processing and distribution areas across the ASEAN region. These corporate advisory activities are based on many years’ experience in management consultancy, and he has worked with a wide range of industries from agriculture, government through to manufacturing, distribution and service industries. He initially gained his Asian experience as chief executive officer for the Asian subsidiaries and joint ventures of a major international manufacturing and marketing organisation. Glen has sat on the board of many Asian related business organisations and has for many years advised a number of Foreign Investment Boards in the Asian region. This article is published with the permission of both Glen and the Asian Century Institute.

Thailand Investment Review – February and March 2020

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After years of anticipation, the era of the Internet of Things (IoT) has arrived. Real products and services are accessible to not only the industrial sector, but also to end consumers. Products such as smart fridges, smart watches, health trackers, smart bike locks, and even a smart yoga mat, have become common in just a few years.

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Thailand’s new digital innovation precinct, Digital Park Thailand, is set to accelerate the countries’ economic and social transformation. The project, also known as the Eastern Economic Corridor of Digital (EECd), has tremendous potential for investors to tap into emerging opportunities offered by the kingdom’s transformation to “Thailand 4.0”.

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Courtesy of the Thailand Board of Investment.

MOU signed with the Australian Institute of International Affairs

The Australia Thailand Business Council is pleased to announce that is has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Australian Institute of International Affairs NSW (AIIA). The MOU will strengthen cooperation between the two organisations, and provide a framework under which the parties can work collaboratively to advance their respective and shared objectives. This will include but is not limited to:

  • Attending both ATBC and AIIA events;
  • Cross promotional opportunities;
  • Co-hosting events; and
  • Exchanging non-confidential information on government policy, trade, and investment opportunities with respect to Thailand, Australia and other ASEAN nations.

About the AIIA

The Australian Institute of International Affairs (AIIA) is an independent, non-profit organisation promoting interest in and understanding of international affairs in Australia, including politics, economics and international law.

The AIIA consists of a number of independent branches, which are located in seven Australian states and territories, and a National Office in Canberra. In addition, close contact is maintained with the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House, and with sister institutes and similarly minded organisations around the world.

It provides a forum for discussion and debate, but does not seek to formulate its own institutional views. The institute arranges programs of lectures, seminars, workshops, conferences and other discussions, and sponsors research and publications.

The AIIA was formed in 1924 and established as a federal body in 1933 and is the only nationwide organisation of its kind in Australia. It is financed by members’ contributions, tax deductible donations from individuals and businesses, and a small government subvention to the National Office.

You can read more about the AIIA here:

Doug Blunt, President of the ATBC, said “On behalf of the ATBC, its members and friends, we are delighted to enter in to this MOU. Much like the MOU with our sister organisation AustCham in Thailand, this will give the ATBC a great platform to work collectively and progressively with the AIIA on areas of mutual interest.

The AIIA is nearly a century old and has an outstanding record of promoting informed sensible debate on matters of international importance and public policy for generations. This has never been more important as the entire globe grapples to adjust to the new Coronavirus world, and the ramifications on communities and economies once the pandemic begins to ease. We welcome this MOU, and the ATBC will strive to be a good partner and a good friend to the AIIA. In particular, I would like to thank one of my Board members, Glen Robinson, for all his hard work in helping secure this excellent outcome,” he said.

Ian Lincoln, President of the AIIA in New South Wales, welcomed the finalisation of the MOU with the ATBC and endorsed Doug Blunt’s thanks to Glen Robinson, who is also a Councillor of AIIA NSW. He said:

“Australia has a long, close and mutually-beneficial relationship with Thailand. We are strategic allies, we have extensive people-to-people relations and we have developed a productive and growing economic relationship with Thailand. The role of the business communities in each country has been fundamental to this success. We at AIIA NSW warmly welcome the opportunity to contribute to this relationship and to the work of the ATBC.

Our role is centred on providing insights into political and economic developments in the international community, including Thailand and its South East Asian neighbours. We hope that this can be of value to the business community in the process of assessing the business environment and the wider prospects of one of the region’s most successful economies.”

Doug Blunt