“With the disruption and rethinking prompted by the Covid-19 Virus, Australia’s commercial linkage with the global community will be significantly changed, and how that change will evolve, and what the end result will be, is not yet clear…”

This article by Glen Robinson explores cross-border investmentand its increasing significance on the global stage.

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About the author – Glen Robinson

Glen Robinson has spent the last 30+ years focussing on the establishment and development of cross border commercial alliances, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, particularly in the manufacturing, processing and distribution areas across the ASEAN region. These corporate advisory activities are based on many years’ experience in management consultancy, and he has worked with a wide range of industries from agriculture, government through to manufacturing, distribution and service industries. He initially gained his Asian experience as chief executive officer for the Asian subsidiaries and joint ventures of a major international manufacturing and marketing organisation. Glen has sat on the board of many Asian related business organisations and has for many years advised a number of Foreign Investment Boards in the Asian region. This article is published with the permission of both Glen and the Asian Century Institute.

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