Pictured: Khun Krirk-Krai Jirapaet

Khun Krirk-Krai Jirapaet, Honorary Advisor to the ATBC – Curriculum Vitae


The ATBC is delighted to announce that Khun Krirk-Krai Jirapaet has accepted a role as an Honorary Adviser to the Council. Khun Krirk-Krai Jirapaet’s illustrious career both in the government and private sectors spans over almost four decades. He held numerous high-ranking positions in the Thai bureaucracy, culminated in Ministerial positions as Vice-Minister of Tourism and Sports and subsequently Minister of Commerce.

As an Eminent Person, he is currently a member of the Council of State (กรรมการกฤษฎีกา), the Executive arms of the Government responsible for the drafting of legislation. He holds top positions in several companies both listed and unlisted. He also makes his expertise and skills available to think-tank institutes and not-for-profit organisations.

Khun Krirk-Krai received a Bachelor of Political Science (Hons) from Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok and a Master of Economics from the University of Sydney, a Certificate of Economic Development from Japan and a Certificate of Project Appraisal from Oxford University.

He still keeps in touch with alumni from his post-graduate studies, especially those from International House, the University of Sydney during his Master of Economics years. He is a keen golfer, gym-goer and occasional short-story writer. He is married with two adult children.

The ATBC looks forward to working with Khun Krirk-Krai and utilising his exceptional experience and networks. 

You can more about his incredible career and achievements by clicking here: CV Krirk Krai.docx


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