Thailand Investment Review – February and March 2020

Download the Thailand Investment Review for February and March 2020.


After years of anticipation, the era of the Internet of Things (IoT) has arrived. Real products and services are accessible to not only the industrial sector, but also to end consumers. Products such as smart fridges, smart watches, health trackers, smart bike locks, and even a smart yoga mat, have become common in just a few years.

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Thailand’s new digital innovation precinct, Digital Park Thailand, is set to accelerate the countries’ economic and social transformation. The project, also known as the Eastern Economic Corridor of Digital (EECd), has tremendous potential for investors to tap into emerging opportunities offered by the kingdom’s transformation to “Thailand 4.0”.

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Courtesy of the Thailand Board of Investment.

Thailand Investment Review – March 2019

Download the Thailand Investment Review for March 2019.

It gives an informative update/overview of Thai foreign/domestic investment.

It highlights new key focus areas, investment attraction incentives and outlines Thailand’s role/opportunities within the broader ASEAN community.

Well worth a read.

TIR – March 2019.pdf

Courtesy of the Thailand Board of Investment.