TI Consulting is inviting businesses to participate in a survey on a study on supply chain resilience for APEC, with the deadline on Friday 18 November 2022. This short questionnaire will take 2–3 minutes to complete. All responses are anonymous – results will be reported to APEC but the FTI will preserve confidentiality of responses.

If you are interested in speaking directly to FTI, please contact Graeme O’ Meara (graeme.omeara@fticonsulting.com) who would be happy to set up a call. The information collected will be transferred outside Australia and stored securely on SurveyMonkey’s servers. By volunteering to complete this survey you agree to this transfer and to SurveyMonkey’s Privacy Policy.

More information

A relevant article on ‘Supply Chain Disruption – the Risk to Global Economic Recovery’ is available at: https://www.fticonsulting.com/insights/articles/supply-chain-disruption-risk-global-economic-recovery   

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